The Business Ethicheck

Is your organisation ethical? Does your work leave a positive or negative impact on the world? And when everyone has a different idea of what is right and wrong, how can you tell?

The Ethicheck process employs a snapshot review of your organisation’s aims, existing policies and practices, and leading ethical theory to provide you with a clear indication of where your organization is headed, and whether it matches your goals.

Challenge Resolution

If your organisation was accused of racism, how would you respond? For most the answer will be to react, often with very mixed results. For those who successfully handle such crises, the answer will be a calm, rational assessment of the facts – this is where Ethilogical can assist.

By drawing on cutting-edge ethical theory, Ethilogical can assist you to establish the facts, divide the objective from the subjective, determine where your ethical responsibilities begin and end, and help you build a response that you can defend effectively.


What are your personal and organisational values? Are they good values and how do you know? How do they affect how you do business? How do you make complex decisions and are there better methods available? How can you make decision when all the answers are bad one? What should you do when forced to choose between morals and practical realities? What are the major ethical issues in society today and how might they affect your work? How can you ensure that you leave a positive legacy behind you?

By drawing on cutting-edge ethical theory and practical industry examples, Ethilogical can help you answer these questions and ensure that the decisions you make are ones you can rightly defend.

  • Ethics for Leaders: Balancing confidence with accuracy
  • Know Yourself: Values Articulation and Execution
  • Uncommon Sense: The Ethical Business Toolkit
  • Blindsided: Managing modern Social Issues before they manage you
  • Resolution: Values-based conflict prevention and management

Strategic Ethical Review

A complement to the Business Ethicheck, a Strategic Ethical Review is our flagship service, offering you a full systematic analysis of your organisation’s ethics. A full review of your organisations goals, policies and operations, this Review will ensure that every aspect of your organization will be analysed and all opportunities for improvement identified.

Complemented with a comprehensive cultural survey, the Strategic Ethical Review will identify major risks to your interests, opportunities for development and practical alternatives to manage both.

Risk/Reward Analysis

Today’s dynamic information-rich world offers organisations with many new and unprecedented opportunities. New technologies offer exception marketing edge, but present significant privacy risks. Globalising markets offer new partnerships, but risk involvement in harmful labour practices. Inaction is not an option, requiring successful organisations to have reliable ways to make decisions in uncertain circumstances.

Ethilogical’s Risk/Reward Analysis service is ideal for managing these situations, offering a thorough analysis of the costs, benefits and alternatives available for any situation. We incorporated economic, social, reputational, and environmental factors in our assessments to provide you with the greatest degree of certainty possible.

Executive Coaching

Providing effective leadership is a challenge that attracts the best and brightest. But while many focus on methods of leadership, very few ask themselves whether they are leading their organisations in the right direction.

Ethilogical’s Executive Coaching is designed to help todays leaders understand what it is they aim to achieve, and why they want those things. By building a stronger understanding of their motivations, our Executives significantly improve their ability to employ their skills and create changes they can be proud of.

Stakeholder Engagement

Knowing your stakeholders is crucial to the success of any organisation, but gaining a reliable understanding of their needs and interests can be difficult. Normal communication often fails to convey they full story, resulting in unpredictable behaviour that can badly complicate relationships.

Utilizing a values-based approach, Ethilogical can build you a comprehensive understanding, not just of your stakeholders’ stated desires, but also of the underlying values that drive those desires. This information allows our clients to better anticipate the demands of their stakeholders and pre-empt these, greatly improving client satisfaction.